Happiness Tip 4: Try Something New

It can be anything from trying a new recipe to doing a skydive.

Today’s happiness tip comes from Shape.com’s 20 Ways To Get Happy (Almost) Instantly’:

“Try Something New”

Ambiguous I know, but that’s what makes it totally doable. It can be anything from trying a new recipe to doing a skydive. The point is that trying something new, creates a new opportunity for happiness. It lets you know that every day doesn’t have to be the same. You are in control.

Last night, I found some great websites with tons of ideas for new things to try:

LifeHack.com 30 New Things To Do Today

ElephantJournal.com ’52 Fun Things To Try

AllanKarl.com ’35 Ideas For Something New & Different in Your Life’ 

I was instantly inspired! So many great ideas I couldn’t choose one. I imagined myself learning a new language, knitting a scarf, taking a spin class and baking cream buns (I may return to that one). Today was quite busy though, and all morning in the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘What new thing can I do? What new thing can I do?’

But this isn’t meant to be a chore. It’s about doing one thing (big or small) every day to make it that bit happier.

So, as pathetic as it may sound, the change I made today was trying a tuna and swiss cheese bagel instead of a ham cheese toastie.

Did It Work? The bagel itself? Not really, but, the fact I made a choice today (however small) just for my own happiness made me feel good. You can do it too.

Happiness Tip #5: Swap Mopey Music For Upbeat Stuff


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